Highlighted events

International Cantus

We’re proud to announce yet another legendary ESN International Cantus! On the 12th of October, 2022 ESN organises one of the most amazing canti in Tilburg. With more than 1700 people and our skilled cantus band, we’ll make sure the best cantus songs will be heard throughout Tilburg!

The theme of the evening is, as always, ‘Represent your country’! Make the most out of it. Germans, don’t forget to wear your Lederhosen, for the Dutchies show your national pride with bright orange clothing and Frenchmen… don’t forget your beret.

To close the evening together, we will host an afterparty in Carpe Noctem for all participants! Note that only students with an International Cantus wristband and members of ESN have entrance to this afterparty.


In October, ESN Tilburg members will have the opportunity to go on a 1.5 week long surfing trip to Morocco, where they will lounge by the beach, explore the city and brave the waves!

This is the perfect opportunity to kick back, relax and have some fun in the sun whilst traveling and exploring new countries and cultures! Have some drinks and enjoy your time before you get back to studying. This is your chance!


In April, the snowy mountaintops will be visited by the ESN Tilburg members that dare race down the slopes. Go on a skiing and/or snowboarding trip with your friends to the French or Italian mountains for a 1.5 week long skiing retreat, including cabins, snow, breathtaking mountain views, and the ultimate Apres Ski experience!

For anyone experience with wintersport or looking to dabble in it, this trip is an excellent opportunity to get that adrenaline rush going for you, right before things get serious for you to end off your academic year!


Amsterdam Trip

You can’t be visiting the Netherlands without properly visiting our capital city — Amsterdam! In September, we will be organizing a trip to Amsterdam so you can explore every cultural nook and cranny of the city.

Prague Trip

Joined by the 17 other ESN sections throughout the Netherlands, you will go on a trip to the capital city of the Czech Republic — Prague! With events organised by the many different sections, you will have a great experience exploring this European gem of a city with your favorite friends and like-minded people.

Cologne Trip

Start December off properly by visiting the various Christmas markets in Cologne, Germany! After a quick bus ride, you will find yourself in one of the many German cities right over the Dutch-German border and all it has to offer.

Keukenhof Trip

Keukenhof is one of the many treasures of the Netherlands. Every spring, these infamous tulip gardens go in full bloom and tourists from all over the world come swarm them in order to admire their beauty. Will you be one of them?

Bruges & Ghent Trip

Go visit Bruges and Ghent with your friends from ESN! On this short little trip, take your chance to explore both of these beautiful cities in the neighboring Belgium and see everything they have to offer!

Berlin Trip

Cologne is not the only German city we visit throughout the year! Make sure to join the trip to the one and only Berlin! Go to the heart of Germany and its culture and experience it in the flesh. Don’t forget to eat a real bratwürst whilst you’re there!

*ESN Tilburg does not provide refunds for the events and trips*