Mentor Program

Mentor Program

You will be part of the biggest international student association of Tilburg. As a mentor, you will get to know a group of approximately 25 exchange students from all over the world, party with them and show them around Tilburg and the Netherlands. Every Tuesday, you will have a different activity with your group where you will also meet all other international students. These can be a dinner, cantus, beer pong tournament or a BBQ. After that you’ll all come to our bar for a great party! During the Tuesday parties, we either have a themed party (e.g. Nerdy & Flirty Party, Superhero Party, How Glow Can You Go) or a shot party (e.g. Tequila, Vodka, Jagermeister) and we expect all mentors to fully commit to the theme!

Besides all the fun and parties, you also get to coordinate your group and help them to acclimatise to the Netherlands. Through this you learn how to manage events (the weekly activities), improve your motivational skills (by getting everyone to the dinner and party afterwards), and mingle in a culturally diverse organisation (we have students from all around the world). Being a mentor is a great way to either continue your exchange experience, to prepare yourself for your own exchange semester, or just to extend your network.

In the end, the most amazing part of being in ESN is exchanging ideas and experiences with people from all around the world. For (at least) a full semester, you’ll meet wonderful people, who are eager to make the most of their exchange.

As a mentor you:

  • Are present at the Buddy and Mentor meetings (BAMM) with a nice informal activity afterwards
  • Are present during the Registration Days where we welcome the new students and introduce them to our organisation and to you, the mentors
  • Guide your group during TOP-week as a TOP papa or mama
    Go to our famous introduction camp
  • Attend our mentor activites together with your co-mentors and group and the parties at our bar on Tuesdays
  • Are invited to the active members activities and thank you activity
  • Motivate and make sure your group comes to the dinners and parties
  • Help new students and make them feel at home in Tilburg
  • Keep informed about all ESN activities, and pass this on to the students. Of course all activities are most fun if there is a large enthusiastic crowd, so make sure the students are aware of what is going on and tell them about the advantages of signing up!

Do you want to know what it’s like to be a mentor? Then join one of our mentor activities. For questions or to join one of the activities, send an email to

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