How to find a room?

Tilburg is known as a student city. However, it might be difficult to find a room that fits your wishes.


At the end of every semester many exchange and degree students are leaving Tilburg and leave or sublet their room.
Join the https://www.facebook.com/groups/269353965704520/?ref=share_group_link, change information and join the ESN Marketspace to see all current offers. You can also try the woonruimte aangeboden gezocht Facebook group, but in this group people communicate mainly in Dutch.

Preferred housing suppliers

Student Housing Holland
Our housing partner is Student Housing Holland (www.studenthousingholland.com). They offer fully furnished student accommodation. There are three different types of rooms to ensure that there is always a room that fits your choice. Costs like gas, water and electricity are all included in the price, so you won’t receive any unpleasant surprises. All student accommodation is centrally located and always accessible by bike to the city center and university. If something unexpected happens with the accommodation, you can contact SHH 24/7.

Other housing

WonenBreburg offers furnished accommodation especially for Tilburg University’s exchange students, and they have established a dedicated website to guide you through this process. At Your Room in Tilburg you will find more information about accommodation offered and the Terms and Conditions for renting.

Housing Anywhere
Tilburg is part of the network Housing Anywhere. Housing Anywhere is a peer-to-peer platform where outgoing exchange students can rent out their rooms to incoming exchange students. This means that exchange students coming to Tilburg will be able to rent a room from outgoing exchange students leaving Tilburg. Please do not forget to check Housing Anywhere’s site regularly to see new offers.

Talent Square
Talent Square is a centrally located residence that offers rooms and studios to both national and international students. The CityCampus is located between the various educational institutions, within a 5 minute walk from the lively nightlife. The supermarket and various ways for public transfer (train and bus) are within 2 minutes walking distance of the facility. All facilities, services and products to live, work and relax are nearby. The central square in the middle of the residential complex, offers Wi-Fi and is a meeting place for all residents. Talent Square has a large offer of living space: 455 studios and 250 rooms, divided among four connected buildings. There are 3 different studio’s: Basic, Comfort and Comfort Plus. All studios are upholstered, have private bathrooms, a kitchen and of course; fast internet. You can as well choose for a room in a shared home in which you will share the fully furnished kitchen with four other students. For more information about available rooms and studios, click here.

Student houses, apartments and other accommodation
Below you can find some websites that offer student rooms. Important: Some websites may charge you to respond to a room or make you pay some extra money once you want to get into the room. You can always email secretary@esntilburg.nl  if you need help with translation to English.

Unfortunately, many of these websites are in Dutch. If you need any help with translation you can always e-mail secretary@esntilburg.nl, but here’s some first aid:

  • Kamer (room)
  • Huren  (to rent)
  • Appartement (apartment)
  • Studentenkamer (student room)
  • Oppervlakte (size in m2)
  • Huurprijs (monthly rent)


Sadly, a very few housing agencies are trying to rip-off (international) students. At the beginning of your contract, most of the times you’ll have to pay a deposit. Normally, they will return this deposit when nothing is broken or missing from your room/apartment. However, we have heard some problems concerning this over the last years. In some cases, the housing agency falsely decides to keep your deposit because something is ‘broken’ or ‘missing’ and they have to fix it and/or replace it. The mere fact for them to do this, is that you have, most likely, returned to your home country. This makes it very difficult for you to prove that they are wrong. Though, there are some things you can do to prevent this (and other problems with housing agencies) from happening!

  • Take pictures when you are entering your room for the first time. Make sure to document everything that is already broken/missing, and report this to your housing agency. This way, you cannot be charged for anything that was already broken/missing. (Do not send these pictures in case nothing is broken or missing!)
  • Take pictures when you are leaving your room for the last time. Again, make sure to document everything that is broken/missing, and report this to your housing agency. When you do so, they cannot falsely charge you for things that aren’t broken/missing at all.
  • In case the housing agency do charge you for things that aren’t broken/missing, send them the pictures that support your position. Let them know you disagree with their decision and demand the return of your entire deposit fee.
  • When the housing agency does not respond to your mailings, keep sending them emails every day. The more you harass them, the higher the chance they will respond to your complaints.
  • If possible, step by their office when they are not responding to your emails. If you aren’t able to do so yourself (for instance when you have returned to your home country), ask someone to do so on your behalf. Your ESN mentor/amigo/buddy are here to help you!
  • In the case that your accomodation does not include internet, this extensive guide is a great tool in helping you figure out what provider to go with and gives you an overview of all of the options available to you.

We want to stress that these practices are not common in Tilburg. Our housing partners have been proven to be very reliable and just. These tips however, do protect you from any injustices so keep them in mind and use them correctly